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Congrats on winning your class at a HITS Horse Show! 

HITS Horse Show recipients are able to combine up to four gift certificates (golden tickets) per purchase. If you have more than four gift certificates then a set will be created for every four you have. 

It's recommended that you check the value of your gift certificate as one may be a Golden Ticket which could be more than the value presented on your certificate.

To check the value of your Gift Certificate add an item that you like to your cart and then enter the code on the back of your card (be sure to include the prefix HITS- in order to render the value). 

If you'd like to combine your gift certificates, fill out the form below and a Customer Support Representative will get back to you.

Please include the  code for each Gift Certificate you would like to combine in the body of your message so that we can get your codes combined quickly. When using your new Gift Certificate code, be sure to use the email address you have emailed our Customer Support team with - all codes are tied to the email address you provide when you email for combination code.

Customer Support is available Monday - Friday, 9a - 5p PST (