Photo Credit: LindseyK Photography, The East Coast Equestrian

Summer Essentials for the Equestrian and her Steed

Summer has arrived! Bringing longer days filled with sunlight, pool parties, nice even tans, and flip flops. Everyone can spot an equestrian from a mile away - our tan lines tend to give us away.
Here are a few summer essentials for both you and your horse to help you survive this rigorous season filled with hot day hacks, horse show weekends and maybe even some fun!

Let’s start with the most important: summer essentials for the horse!
With summer comes long days of turn out and early evening or early morning hacks. Sounds so romantic! Then you pull your beast out of his stall or field and ahh! behold you have a green monster! Even a chestnut with chrome can somehow manage to get themselves green beyond belief. Now you are running late vigorously trying to rub out these hideous green stains to make your animal half way presentable. Luckily, magic in a bottle exists. 

The Carr Day + Martin, Stain Master Spray is not only a time saver but also can prevent you from getting that sore feeling in your elbow that we all know too well from trying to clean out one a many stain on our horses.

Along with summer comes glorious bath season! When using a shampoo try one that is going to not strip your horse of his summer glow - and usually a low foaming wash, with conditioning qualities won’t turn them into a slip’n’slide.  We suggest Gallop Shampoos for your bathing needs. Not only does Gallop have a great line of shampoos that each have their own specific duty - but they smell great as well! The Conditioning Shampoo by Gallop is great for summertime baths. Helps get rid of dirt and sweat while helping your horses skin and hair stay moisturized for their summer glow!

Now onto us humans, aka The Rider;
Often times due to balancing a work schedule and being an equestrian, you’re usually keeping a wardrobe change, a first aid kit, and various emergency items on hand at all times! Leaving your house early in the morning when it is usually still cool outside but not cold enough to justify a jacket. Running to your nearest coffee shop en route to the stable and attempting to look halfway civilized at this hour in your riding clothes.

A great go to piece that will always look chic is the Jane Wrap. It’s transitional - you can go from the coffee shop, get to the barn and throw it in your carry all tote (which is one sale right now!). The Devon Tote is a great carry all bag -  it’s travel bag, beach bag, computer bag. It’s honestly the right size! Do you often find that bags are either too small or too big? This one truly hits the nail on the head when it comes to size. Plus it has the cute little detail of the Devon zip code, the same zip code of the renowned Devon Horse Show; it’s a fun equestrian nod to your everyday attire. 

Then once you are done with your ride, you can throw your Jane Wrap back on and breeze into your office feeling chic.
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